The Benefits of Phone Answering Services in Funeral Home In 2023

A bereavement answering service is a way for those in the bereavement industry to ensure that no call goes unanswered. Perhaps someone is in the planning process, and wants to discuss what a funeral usually entails and has a series of questions to answer.

When someone dies, it’s a difficult and frustrating time for family members, and making funeral arrangements is at the top of every grieving family’s list. This can be problematic if the death occurs on vacation, outside of office hours, or if you are somewhere else at a different time than that. Imagine the first few hours after the death of a loved one. Your world can suddenly feel different and unfamiliar as you adjust to the reality of life without a beloved friend or family member. The emotions that come along with processing a death are hard enough already, and then there’s the task of making funeral arrangements.

Calling a funeral home is one of the most emotional experiences some people make. This is the voice that always feels like death. Who answers the phone at your funeral home when there’s a broken heart on the other line?

Choosing a funeral home answering service is just one important part of running a funeral home or cemetery service. A phone call is the first introduction a person has to your business and the first chance to show them you care. Or it’s another touch point during their relationship with you, it’s an opportunity to take care of the family and make sure their needs are met while they’re trying. Every time you make it easy for them, that’s what you’ll be motivated to take.

Benefits of phone answering services in a funeral home

Helping grieving families

Live operators can be specially trained to handle phone inquiries with compassion and empathy. They can ask specific questions so they can provide helpful answers and provide guidance. For example, grieving family members can be consulted on how to plan an open box service or visit, in addition to receiving guidance on the types of services available and things to do at a funeral.

24/7 support for other businesses

With a dedicated call answering service, your business can handle calls received from other businesses, including the police, hospice workers, and hospitals. This service can be very helpful, saving your staff from the difficult task of answering phone messages at the beginning of each working day.

Allow your staff to focus on helping grieving families

An answering service can free your staff to focus on providing personal support to grieving families and take care of arranging a funeral, cremation or burial, while a virtual host is calling from.

Final Words

To conclude, if you run a funeral home, a call answering service can be very helpful in providing support to your customers, outside offices, and your general staff. Remember to state that you offer a 24/7, 365 service in your brochures and brochures.

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