Tips to Avoid Your Credit Card Being Rejected

Nobody loves being rejected. Whether you have applied for a job or asking for a favor, rejection feels bad, and that is something you don’t want with your credit card. If you have applied for a new credit card, you need to know what to do to avoid getting that rejection mail. There are several practical ways of increasing your credit card approval. If you are worried that your credit card will be turned down, try the following tips.

  1. Pay You Current Balances

When looking at your application, the issuer looks at the credit card report to determine your eligibility. So, if you have outstanding debts, you may have a lower chance of getting the credit card approved. The record will show the recent statements as debts. So, it is crucial to pay off debts before the statement period closes. If you don’t have enough money to pay off debts, you can consider selling some of the items you may have. For instance, you can sell some of the silver items to the silver buyers to cover the debts. Paying off the debts early displays a zero balance on the report. Remember to pay off debts in other cards from the same issuer. It is more likely to have the application approved with a zero balance on the report.

  1. Apply for Something You Qualify For

Before you bite more than you can chew, know what you qualify for. Many credit card applications are rejected because people apply for more than they qualify for. When choosing the right credit card, you first need to know your credit score. Then, know how the card is valued in the market. For example, if you have bad credit, don’t apply for a premium card meant for people with excellent credits. Start with a standard card before fixing your credit score. It will help to avoid being rejected.

  1. Call the Card Issuer

If your application has been rejected, it can help to call the issuer and request to be reconsidered. You can talk to them to allow you to add other details that will help improve your approval rate. Another trick you can use is to ask the issuer to transfer some of the credits in your account to the new line if you have other accounts from the same issuer.

  1. Include Your Income in the Application

When deciding on approving your application, the issuer also considers your capability to repay a loan. Therefore, you must show reasonable channels of income. Many people applying for the card fail to include their sources of income if they have several of them. It is essential to ensure you include all your sources of revenue if you wish to have your request approved. The important thing is to prove that you can repay a loan should you take out one. So, besides your income from employment, include other sources like investment profits, pension, retirement benefits, alimony, child support, and inheritance. You may also include your spouse’s income as long as you can be able to access their funds when repaying a loan.


These are reasonable things you should do to avoid your credit card application being rejected. Make sure you pay outstanding debts, apply for what you qualify for, and include all the sources of income. If your application is rejected, talk with the issuer for reconsideration.

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