Payday loans can be dangerous. Here are some ideas for quick cash

If you have ever had the unpleasant experience of getting a payday loan, then you know the dangers of getting them. Aside from the outrageously high interest rates that should just be criminal, you basically sign away your next payday. Once you do that, you are pretty much leaving yourself in the same situation your next payday. This prevents you from spending time with your escort from Wet n’ Wild Escorts. So, instead of getting one of those dangerous payday loans, here are some ideas to avoid that situation and help you gain some extra cash.

Clean out the garage or attic and start making some cash

One of the best ways to make some extra cash and in the end, help you avoid those dangerous payday loans, is to have a yard sale. This is one of the fastest ways to make some money, especially if you have some stuff you can get rid of. The setup is easy, place an ad for the weekend in your local newspapers and then start filling your yard early one morning with things you want to sell. Old clothes sell well and so do tools. You can say just about anything will sell at a yard sale if you don’t price things way too high.

Prepare yourself an E-Bay account

Selling on E-Bay is really easy an anyone can do it. In fact, you can even sell crafts on there to make some extra money. This can be very profitable if you are a crafty person. Just gather up some old nuts and bolts from a scrap yard. Get a glue gun ready and start making some interesting little bolt craft to sell inline. You can easily make a few extra hundred dollars per month. Who knows, if you are really good at arts and crafts you may make much more. Of course, this is not going to make you money instantly but it will give you another revenue stream for the future without a large investment.

Sell services on Craigslist

Craigslist is known for many things. You can sell things there, you can sell services there, you can even find really crazy dates on there but we will leave that for another day. The great thing about craigslist is that you can list things for sale for free and most of the time you will find a buyer. Aside from selling items on there, you can also sell services. Maybe you are a great designer, you can pick up some small logo jobs on there. You can also browse and see if there are any odd jobs that you can do that others have listed. Just be careful while doing anything like that online. You can’t get scammed or murdered.

Just get creative and you are set

Keep in mind these are not always you can make instant money but they will help you to avoid getting a dangerous payday loan. That is the goal. Literally just get creative and find something to sell. There are so many channels out there that make it easy to make a few hundred dollars extra each month.